About our Conventions

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Save the date! The 2019 Writers Group Convention is on Sunday 13th October from 8.30am to 2.00pm at The Grange Bowls Club. Stay tuned for more details.

The Writers Group Convention connects individual writers and writing groups  with experts in the writing, editing, marketing and publishing fields. We believe in supporting all writers in all genres by creating a chance to get together and learn in a friendly atmosphere.

We enjoyed every minute of the 2018 Writers Group Convention in April. Great ideas, excellent speakers, writers camaraderie – all wrapped up with food, tea, coffee and inspirational writers. Thank you to our speakers and the NightWriters group for all your help – always appreciated.

The 2017 Writers Group Convention was very enjoyable and enlightening. Thanks to all our wonderful speakers who gave us inspiration, information, hope and help. Also a big thank you to our volunteers for all your hard work.

The 2016 Writers Group Convention was attended by writers looking for ideas and tips to improve their writing. The speakers gave us valuable advice, covering topics of interest to all writers. Writers groups showed us what their groups have to offer, and the marketing table attracted a crowd who were eager to talk to published authors. It was a great day which gave writers a chance to connect with each other.

The first event in Brisbane generated much interest. Over the following years writers have had the opportunity to meet and chat to successful authors, editors and publishers. Writers groups have shared ideas on how be inspired and stay motiviated.

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