Tania Joyce’s notes

Thanks Tania – we now have a comprehensive summary of marketing and social media. Here are Tania’s notes from the Writers Group Convention 2017

Marketing and Social Media Tips Summary

  1. Establish a Brand – how do you want to be seen out in the world?
  1. Join Affiliate programs

An affiliate program is where you can make a small fee – like a commission for recommending someone to buy a product. There are affiliate programs for Amazon and iTunes. To join these programs is free. You then generate links to your books with your unique code in them and use them in your marketing and social media.

Amazon – https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

iTunes – https://www.apple.com/au/itunes/affiliates/

  1. Get on Social Media – find what works for you. Facebook…a MUST. Learn how to use #hashtags correctly.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  1. Self-publishing is great to ensure you control a book for marketing purposes. NOTE – still ensure your book is professionally edited, typeset and at the standard of traditional publishing.
  • You can self-publish direct to Amazon, iBooks and Kobo for free. Or you can use the likes of a distributor and aggregator like IngramSpark which has huge global distribution coverage for print and ebook and costs about $50US per book to setup. But one mistake in your formatting can be costly as they will change you $25/fix until you get it right. But, in my opinion, their quality for print and POD books outweighs Amazon’s CreateSpace by far.
  • Use Draft 2 Digital – https://draft2digital.com/
    • FREE to setup with and have some of the highest royalty payouts in the marketplace.
    • They distribute through all major etailers like ibooks, kobo, B&N and many more including Overdrive for distribution through libraries.
    • All you need is to upload a Word document and your cover and they’ll convert it to all formats for you. You control the price, per territory, the distribution, all the metadata and description of your book – every aspect.
  1. Newsletters – add signup forms to your website, add links in the end-matter of every one of your books, promote your newsletter on social media and in any form of marketing you may do.
  • The frequency of your distribution is up to you – but remember too often you will lose readers, too little, they won’t remember you. From my experience, I would say monthly to quarterly.
  • Use https://mailchimp.com/ or https://www.mailerlite.com/  – FREE up to 1000 subscribers and includes automation, templates, ability to manipulate your data ( create segments and group your users) and can be easily integrated with your website.
  1. Build a review team – find those readers that love your books. Reviews are important because many etailer rankings and promotional sites use the number of reviews in their listing algorithms to rank and list your book.
  2. Back to my point of having a book to control – Traditional publishers often submit your book to ARC sites (Advanced Reading Copies) for bloggers and readers to read and review – but it’s costly and often you end up with little or no reviews.
  3. Secure distribution of your FREE book – use https://bookfunnel.com/ – it’s $20US / year and provides secure / code verified downloads and distribution of your book to people you give links to. You also control the format eg EPUB, Mobi or PDF.
  4. How to build your mailing list? Use https://www.instafreebie.com/ It’s a great way to get your book out to people and getting them to subscribe to your newsletter. It is also great for joining genre specific groups where you can sign up for cross promotions to get in front of other author’s readers.
  • You then use your email marketing tool and its automation feature to send reminds to the readers to read and review your book.
  • You can also set timeframes and ask them to join your review team, and give them and advanced copy to review ready for your next book launch.
  1. Universal links – https://books2read.com/ Allows you to use one link to all the stores your book is sold in. It supports affiliate links and you can even customise the url.
  2. Cost-per-click Advertising
  • Install the Facebook and Google tracking code/pixel code onto your website and they will track visitors to your site and then you can build “Like Audiences” from their data and promote / advertise your books to these people. (Code is provided when you sign up to their advertising / analytics sites)
  • Facebook Advertising is a learned skill. It can be easy or as complex as you like – getting into geographic, interest based, very defined targeted marketing. Mark Dawson training is excellent – Join https://selfpublishingformula.com/
  • Google Adwords – Use Google Adwords to target your audience based on keywords and display your site/book on google searches – Can be very expensive!!!
  • Amazon Marketing Services – allows you to keyword target your book against other ones on Amazon and appear as “Sponsored Products” across the bottom searches on Amazon.
  1. Book Promotion sites
  • BargainBooksy.com
  • Booksends.com
  • BookBub.com – worth every cent.
  1. Best marketing tip – WRITE THE NEXT BOOK!

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