Writing Competition 2022

  • 1 entry per ticket
  • Email to this address: wgccompetition2022@gmail.com
  • An emailed receipt of your story will be sent to you
  • Entries must be received by midnight 21st October 2022
  • The number of entries is limited so that our judges have time to read all entries
  • Please attach a word document with a title, but don’t put your name on this doc please
  • Submit 1000 words or less of an unpublished piece of writing – short story, a chapter, part of a novel, prose, poetry, fiction, script, biography, science fiction, etc
  • The theme is “Collaboration”
  • The last sentence must contain only 3 words


A refund of your ticket price AND a free edit of your piece of writing by the brilliant Lauren Elise Daniels!

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